Eagle Scout Projects

Intro by Sue Evans:

As you all probably know I am deeply involved in my husband’s restoration efforts of the CCC/POW site on Moscow Road. That has taken a lot of time, dedication, very hard work and money. But the story is being told as, more and more, it is becoming the history trail that it truly is.

I have asked my husband to write one story of a family who has made this project their personal commitment. Mind you many many people have contributed collectively thousands and thousands of hours of work in the past 7-8 years, but there has been one family that has truly “walked the walk” of community service at the CCC/POW camp. Here is that story:


Written by Ed Evans:

About four years ago, two Boy Scouts on Morton Road (Josh and Zach Vogt) called me to ask if there was some work they could do at the Hamlin CCC/POW camp to complete one of their merit badge requirements. They met me at the site and cut and dragged tangled brush for one whole afternoon. Their mom brought them and picked them up again and again as they continued to help clear the site. Sometimes it was bending over low stubble and sometimes it was climbing rock piles with saw and loppers to open up a long line of sight along a seventy year old roadway. They were hard workers and real gentlemen no matter what was asked of them!

One day, Josh asked if there was something he could do at the site to serve as his Eagle Project. I suggested a couple of ideas and he picked the most difficult one – rehab a tumbled down backyard storage building and turn it into a tool shed for the CCC/POW camp volunteers. With a little help from his dad and his brother Zach, he turned an 8×10 castoff into a useful utility building.

A few months ago, Zach asked for a CCC/POW project to complete HIS Eagle Project requirement. I suggested a couple of things and dared to end the list with suggesting another tool shed for the other end of the CCC site. He opted for the 2nd tool shed!

Thursday night, at the end of the recent blast of lake effect snow, Zach and his dad delivered the completed shed to the Moscow Road site, after dark – just the two of them! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I returned this morning and took photographs.

It is built to last and last and last! It has a modern metal roof and a heavy duty floor. It is square and plumb everywhere you look and features industrial siding, strong double doors, heavy metal shelves, tool hangers, a big window in the back and a fresh coat of paint. With our “zero” budget there is no way the volunteers at the historic site could ever afford to buy such a structure!

There are now two Eagle Scouts in that unique and close knit family. And lucky us, they just happen to live in the Town of Hamlin!